Pietramontecorvino is a small municipality in the Northern Dauno Sub-Appennine area, with various important recognitions; it is one of “The Most Beautiful Towns in Italy”, a “Bandiera Arancione” holder since 2010, and one of “Italy's Authentic Towns”. The territory is rich in history and has a great archaeological, artistic, and natural heritage, for you to discover and appreciate.. Is a farming town of the Northern SubAppennino Dauno in the Capitanata region, whose original centre is located on a huge rock and looks over the whole valley called Guado degli Uncini washed by the river Triolo, a right affluent of the river Candelaro. The ancient village still keeps all the environmental and architectural characteristics of the original urban fabric of the Middle Ages. According to the tradition, its name comes from “la Preta”, the big tuff rock on which lies the ancient centre and from Monte Corvino, the nearby Byzantine town, an important bishop's seat eventually destroyed in the 15th century. The population of Monte Corvino sought refuge in the Pietra's caves and in the surrounding villages of Motta and Volturino.
Important tourist destinations are: the old town centre called “Terra Vecchia”, the gothic arch of Port'Alta , the ancient village with the peculiar streets, the staircases, the subways and the little squares, the low comb-shaped houses provided with rock-excavated basements; the Portella; the historical compound with the Norman-Angevin Tower, the Mother-Church, the Ducal Palace and the hanging garden; the Church of the Rosary (Chiesa del Rosario); the Church of the Annunciation (Chiesa dell'Annunziata); the Church of St Francis; the noble palaces: Celenza, Iannitelli, Massari - De Biase, Calarese.
Noteworthy is also the archaeological site of Monte Corvino at 5 Km from Pietra.

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