The origin of the town can be placed around the year One Thousand. Traces of its existence can be found already before the year One Thousand, as it can be deduced by the frescoes in the Grotto found in the Grotto of Saint Barbara in the district with the same name. About the origin of the toponym Capurso, there are several interpretations, some of them are almost inventive. The poet Torricella associated the name of the town to the polar bear, but the most characteristic and charming among the interpretations is linked to the bear that is very popular among people. According to this legend, the name of the town derives from the head of a bear (caput ursi) killed by the first inhabitants of the place, put on a cart and drawn by oxen. The town is probably born in the point in which the cart stopped its run. Over the legends and the charming interpretations, recent studies consider that the term Capurso derives from those names that, born as appellations, acquire then the value of substantive. Hence from locus caprutius (place of goats) there derived Caprutius and then Capurso. Capurso has been subject to several foreign dominations, often suffering from devastations and decays. During the centuries the Norman, Swabian and Angevin dominations alternated. Only with the advent of the Aragonese, and above all thanks to the enlightened policy of the Queen Bona Sforza, the town assumes its own civic dignity. The French revolution had its effects even on Capurso, in which there was the development of liberal ferments, supporting a Neapolitan Republic opposed to the Bourbon domination. This “revolutionary” spirit highlighted also during the period of the Carbonaro revolt with the presence of a secret liberal association. Thanks to the Unity of Italy, the town assumes its own prestige among the Municipalities of the Province by the work of many distinguished citizens. During the period of the World Wars, Capurso pays a very high price by sacrificing many of its children.

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